Kim Jong Un Death: Rumors and Truth: Kim Jong-un the decorator of North Korea suffering from his health condition. But some Rumors around social media of his death make people literally confused. No such evidence or statement found about her death at 36. Experts say this is a total rumor. […]

Easter 2020: Easter is one of the greatest festivals after Christmas to the people who believe in Christianity. Easter is celebrated in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The three days after Jesus Christ’s crucifixion by Romans (commonly known as Good Friday ) is celebrated as Easter Sunday or Easter Day. […]

Ajay Devgn is fuming at the reports of doctors getting attacked by their neighbours and patients while serving people during the coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday, the usually calm actor took to Twitter to share a rare, strong-worded and incensed tweet. “DISGUSTED & ANGRY to read reports of “educated” persons attacking […]